$ aptitude install nss-passwords
$ nss-passwords

Disable Dns Cache

Type in about:config in the address bar

Right click on the list of Properties and select New > Integer in the Context menu Enter network.dnsCacheExpiration as the preference name and 0 as the integer value When disabled,

Firefox will use the DNS cache provided by the OS.

Increase download them all maximum segments

Type in about:config in the address bar

Type extensions.dta.maxchunks and change number you want.

After that, don’t change it from download them all panel.

Set security tls

Go to about:config , and set:

security.tls.version.min 0 security.tls.version.max 0 # default is 3

Disable automatic loading of Images in Firefox

Go to about:config, search for this option “permissions.default.image” change to 1.

Possible values:

1 – always load the images

2 – never load the images

3 – don’t load third images

Fix Firefox Phishing

The xn– prefix is what is known as an ‘ASCII compatible encoding’ prefix. It lets the browser know that the domain uses ‘punycode’ encoding to represent Unicode characters. In non-techie speak, this means that if you have a domain name with Chinese or other international characters, you can register a domain name with normal A-Z characters that can allow a browser to represent that domain as international characters in the location bar. What we have done above is used ‘e’ ‘p’ ‘i’ and ‘c’ unicode characters that look identical to the real characters but are different unicode characters. In the current version of Chrome, as long as all characters are unicode, it will show the domain in its internationalized form.

network.IDN_show_punycode = false