Deploy CephFS on kubernetes with rook

$ mkdir rook
$ cd rook
$ wget
$ wget

To disable TLS, edit cluster.yaml file:

  enabled: true
  # serve the dashboard under a subpath (useful when you are accessing the dashboard via a reverse proxy)
  # urlPrefix: /ceph-dashboard
  # serve the dashboard at the given port.
  # port: 8443
  # serve the dashboard using SSL
  ssl: false

Ingress file, ingress.yaml:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: rook-ceph-mgr-dashboard
  namespace: rook-ceph
  annotations: "nginx"
  - host:
      - path: /
          serviceName: rook-ceph-mgr-dashboard
          servicePort: 8443
$ kubectl create -f operator.yaml
$ kubectl create -f cluster.yaml
$ kubectl create -f ingress.yaml
$ kubectl -n rook-ceph get pod
    NAME                                     READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
    rook-ceph-mgr-a-ffc44857d-xgh4d          1/1     Running     0          50m
    rook-ceph-mon-a-86f5fc4bc-clmfb          1/1     Running     0          51m
    rook-ceph-mon-b-7955f84c5c-sqhvj         1/1     Running     0          51m
    rook-ceph-mon-c-684556d465-sfmvv         1/1     Running     0          51m
    rook-ceph-osd-0-65968b6d86-wkdxt         1/1     Running     0          50m
    rook-ceph-osd-prepare-ubuntu-191-h6g2x   0/2     Completed   0          50m
$ kubectl -n rook-ceph get service
    NAME                      TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
    rook-ceph-mgr             ClusterIP    <none>        9283/TCP   50m
    rook-ceph-mgr-dashboard   ClusterIP     <none>        8443/TCP   50m
    rook-ceph-mon-a           ClusterIP    <none>        6789/TCP   51m
    rook-ceph-mon-b           ClusterIP   <none>        6789/TCP   51m
    rook-ceph-mon-c           ClusterIP   <none>        6789/TCP   51m
$ kubectl -n rook-ceph-system get pod

'    NAME                                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    rook-ceph-agent-w6lsz                 1/1     Running   0          1h
    rook-ceph-operator-5496d44d7c-wnm7h   1/1     Running   0          1h
$ kubectl -n rook-ceph get ingress
    NAME                      HOSTS                   ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
    rook-ceph-mgr-dashboard   80   13m

Now browse:

Username is admin and password is:

$  kubectl -n rook-ceph get secret rook-ceph-dashboard-password -o jsonpath="{['data']['password']}" | base64 --decode && echo