Google cloud load balancer

Global HTTP(S) Load Balancer (classic)

The Classic Global HTTPS Load Balancer is the earlier version of the Global HTTPS Load Balancer, and does not support features such as advanced traffic management. Learn more

Global HTTP(S) Load Balancer

The recommended load balancer for external HTTP(S) workloads with globally dispersed users or backend services in multiple regions. This load balancer contains advanced traffic management features provide additional capabilities over the Classic HTTP(S) Load Balancer, enabling fine-grained control over how traffic is handled. Learn more


proxychains4 gcloud compute target-ssl-proxies list

proxychains4 gcloud compute target-https-proxies list

NAME                                        SSL_CERTIFICATES                   URL_MAP
https-load-balancer-classic-target-proxy-2  sso-load-balancer-certificate-dev  https-load-balancer-classic

proxychains4 gcloud compute ssl-certificates describe sso-load-balancer-certificate-dev --format="get(managed.domainStatus)"