Frameworks Comparison
Platform (Rendering Engine)
  • iOS (Webkit)
  • Android (Webkit)
  • Windows Mobile (Trident)
  • Windows Phone (Trident)
  • Blackberry OS (Webkit)
  • Symbian (Webkit/Gecko)
  • MeeGo (Gecko)
  • Maemo (Gecko)
  • WebOS (Webkit)
  • Bada (Webkit)
  • Java ME
Mobile Target
  • Mobile website
    A mobile Website is technically the same as a regular website except that it’s size is adjusted to the smaller screen. It has an adaptive layout.
  • WebApp
    A WebApp is like a regular mobile website but it behaves and is used like a native app. The user interface looks like a native app but technologies used are those of the web.
  • Native app
    A native app is created for a specific platform and uses the required technologies such as an specific SDK or development language.
  • Hybrid app
    A HybridApp is a WebApp that is compiled into a native app. Additional native features can be added to the WebApp which is then distributed as a native app.
Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Making Native Apps with Standards-Based Web Tools